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Your information can help power research into veteran wellbeing!

Share your information with the Warrior Wellness Alliance through Qntfy’s OurDataHelps donation platform.

The Bush Institute's Warrior Wellness Alliance is a group of 131 programs and peer-to-peer veteran networks. The alliance is launching an innovative strategy to better understand the health and wellbeing of post-9/11 veterans, in partnership with Qntfy. Our goal is to empower more veterans to seek and access the right level of quality support and care when they need it.

Historically, it has been extremely difficult to gather directly from veterans the information required to achieve this mission, since veterans are such a large, diverse, and geographically dispersed population, making traditional techniques such as surveys impractical. For the first time, however, there is data that will help us answer these questions: anonymized social media data from veterans.

Share your information!

While our work focuses on veterans, we need information from civilians and veterans alike! If you have served in the United States armed forces, or if you are a civilian interested in helping us achieve our mission, you can help us by donating your information to support our research.

Qntfy will only use public social media information. In other words, the information we collect is limited to public posts and messages typically visible to friends and family on the various social networks (i.e., only public posts, no private messages or the like). Also, any information that you donate will be anonymized (it cannot be traced back to an individual, and will only be analyzed in the context of a large sample of veteran data) and completely secure.

By providing us with access to your social media, fitness tracker, or wearable sensor information, we can gain insight into the wellness of veterans, and how wellness changes over time and in response to specific events. By combining the anonymized social media information of many veterans, we can discover subtle patterns in veterans' language and activity that can help us better understand the challenges faced by veterans. Having this clearer understanding will help us improve the types of services and programs that are developed, and help us to understand how the services currently available to veterans may be falling short of their mission.

Qntfy will never sell this information. If you have questions about how we will protect and utilize this information, you can see our human-friendly privacy statement or contact us directly at MilitaryService@bushcenter.org. We are glad to discuss, in detail, the respect and care we have for this information and how it can help so many people.

Please consider sharing this information with us. Your data helps.

1 The Warrior Wellness Alliance is comprised of the following member organizations, listed below. You can learn more about each of these organizations by clicking here.

  • George W. Bush Institute Team 43
  • Student Veterans of America
  • Team Red, White, & Blue
  • Team Rubicon
  • The Mission Continues
  • Cohen Veterans Network
  • Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)
  • Marcus Institute for Brain Health
  • TriWest Healthcare Alliance
  • WWP, Warrior Care Network: Emory Veterans Program
  • WWP, Warrior Care Network: Mass. General Home Base Program
  • WWP, Warrior Care Network: Rush University Road Home Program
  • WWP, Warrior Care Network: UCLA Operation Mend